Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The travel bug: all the places I have been

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Professional Traveler

Some people love to travel to be the tourist, be immersed in another culture, photograph a new place, meet new people, learn something new, lend a helping hand and many other reasons. Anthony Bourdain travels for food. He is a professional chef who travels to new and exciting places in search of great food. His show "No Reservations" documents his adventures. Check it out!

In the article, "How I Travel: Anthony Bourdain" he discusses good tips on what to bring, how to get through a long plane ride and bad food, choosing a destination and some great places not to miss.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One for One

I recently bought a pair of TOMS Shoes. They aren't my favorite shoe, but they are super comfortable and  for a great cause. For every pair of shoes bought an additional pair goes to a child in need. Many children don't have shoes because their families can't afford them. Wearing shoes help prevent diseases.   
Similar to TOMS is the One World Futbol Project. Each soccer ball bought, one gets donated to a community in need. These are indestructible soccer balls made from Croc materials, so it can't get punctured or destroyed easily. 

Continuing Finding Refuge after SAS

Finding Refuge was started on Semester at Sea Fall 2010 by a group of SASers who went to a village near Lake Volta, Ghana. This village called The City of Refuge ministries is for orphaned children who had been trafficked for child labor in Ghana's fishing industry. It has been operating for three years and has been helping hundreds of children.

There mission is to "create a global awareness of child slavery in Ghana by establishing university and regional organizations that educate the public on the existence of slavery. Empower the mothers within the targeted fishing villages by providing education and training for sustainable jobs."  It's a great organization that my college's chapter is hoping to continue so we may help in ending child slavery in Ghana.

The Ship's Interior

The New Map

The Union where we had all of our ship meetings

The gift store to buy clothing and more importantly insect repellant

Deck 6 Dinning Room 

Deck 6

Deck 6