Friday, August 27, 2010

Setting sail

After one early morning flight from Boston to Halifax, an expensive cab ride to the port, five security check points and one incredibly awkward pat down, I have made it to the ship.

The ship itself is the most astonishing part. It is a 28,000-ton ocean liner with many amenities. The big blue and white cruise ship is laced with a string of multi-colored flags that reach from one end of the boat to the other. Florescent orange lifeboats adorn the port and starboard side while a rather simple pool sits water less on the deck. And for the casual or experienced basketball player there is a netted section to practice shooting hoops.

Inside, there is a whole other world of meeting rooms, dining halls, offices, cabins, a spa, and hundreds of passengers anticipating the moment the horn signals us Bon Voyage.
In less than five hours we will be setting sail for Cadiz Spain. Oh how I hope they have some beautiful shoes waiting for me.


  1. Oh Leah... Bon voyage ma cher fille. I hope you remembered the dramamine.

  2. ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY - Semester at Sea was the start of my love of the WHOLE world - 58 countries later - Still love the WHOLE world! Enjoy this wonderful experience !!!