Thursday, July 22, 2010

New shoes

I just purchased a pair of purple t-shirt pattern shoes with perfectly painted white trim for my trip. Yes, yes … I do love them and yes, yes … I did need them. You see I am going to be traveling around the world in search of shoes (Oh and I will be taking classes on a study abroad trip, but that’s not what’s important here). So, you see, a new pair of fashion forward shoes was in order. Plus they were on sale!

For me, I have always felt that a new pair of shoes was like a new friendship. You might not know the person or many of their likes, dislikes, family, criminal record etc, but the person looks nice and they just bought the new Marc Jacobs fall season clutch, so why wouldn’t you want to be friends?!

A new pair of shoes is exciting. You don’t know what they will be like, what places you will discover together or what trouble you might get in. A new pair of shoes has been perfectly crafted to appeal to you – there are no torn edges or that gross hazy dusty coating which looks impossible to clean so why would you even try. With a new pair of shoes you feel more confident because your feet are gleaming with the newly polished tops. Buying new shoes is memorable.

… but the one downside about new shoes is that they can never fit like old ones.

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