Thursday, September 9, 2010


The intensity in her face spoke of struggle, anguish, passion and suffering — all crucial elements of the Spanish Flamenco dancer.

As part of the Andalucian Flamenco Night FDP, Semester at Sea students got to enjoy an amateur bullfight, tapas, and a Flamenco show.

“Tonight was wonderful,” Jim Law, lifelong learner, said. “I enjoyed sitting down and having a drink and watch the good dancing and even watching the kids dance was just wonderful.”

There were three women Flamenco dancers dressed in red, white and black. Each topped off with a headpiece and a shall. There was also a male dancer in the traditional suit wear accompanied by a guitarist and singer.

“I was impressed with how they kept their faces so intent,” Amy Thoburn, Semester at Sea student said. “I think that if I was doing it I would be all over the place and it really impressed me that they maintained the passion in their faces.”

The Flamenco dance showed more than just a form of dance to the students, but them insight into what it means to be a Spaniard.

“[The dance] just shows the really rich traditions they have and that it is such an art form to them,” Thoburn said. “It’s not just something they do to party. It’s art and it is something they really want to perfect and master.”

Thoburn said enjoying the Flamenco dance performance and then participating in the demonstration was the best example of traditional Spain.

“All of [the flamenco dancers] up there really just poured all of their self into what they were doing,” Thoburn said. “They looked exhausted afterwards, but while they were up there you couldn’t tell. They just gave it their everything and I think that really speaks about what their culture is about and the artistry in their culture is about.”

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