Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moroccan shoes

The Moroccan streets are filled with bicycles, motorcycles, people walking and cars rushing by. Along each of these streets there are small vendors selling metal goods such as lamps and jewelry, clothing and/or spices piled high.

And as you strolling through the Moroccan market streets the aroma of the saffron, curry, Argan nut oil and cumin is overwhelming. Of course, there is a lot of pollution in Morocco and garbage that lines the roads. People love to j-walk and driving is a sport in Morocco. The only rule here in Morocco, according to my observation, is not to hit each other and every other driving maneuver is fair game.

Everywhere there are tourists, Moroccans, and stray animals congesting the roads, alleyways and stores. It is interesting to see the mix of dress. The Moroccan women dress can range from being American/European style to being completely covered so their feet and hands are hidden. For example, some dress in pants and a t-shirt, but wear a headscarf. Men dress in jeans and a nice shirt or wear long shirt-dresses or a loose fitting shirt and pants.

But everyone, men and women and children, wear slipper-like shoes. They are sold everywhere and come in every color. They are usually made out of leather and have a pointed toe.

The Moroccan lifestyle is about tradition, family and religion. When you walk into a person’s home you take off your shoes. Before you enter a religious place like a Mosque you remove your shoes.

For meal time a family gathers around a table usually on pillows on the floor or sometimes in a chair and shares a meal from one giant bowl. This meal is a time to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate family. During Ramadan the family shares three meals after sunset and before sunrise so there is a lot of time to relax and wait for the next meal. This culture is always removing their shoes and slippers are perfect for this kind of lifestyle.

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  1. When you get back I think we should all get together and have a meal the Moroccan way!